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In the last year, 70+ people shared new reviews for 足球彩票 Education on Google. 真好奇他们说了些什么? Check out this curation of 21 unbiased student reviews of 足球彩票 across all six international campuses.

Read on, also be sure to click through to the complete reviews of 足球彩票 in 纽约, 伦敦, 曼彻斯特, 悉尼, 墨尔本布里斯班. And even if you’re not based in one of these cities, you can now study with us from anyw在这里! 介绍 足球彩票的在线课程-看看一些毕业生证明书 在这里在这里! 了解毕业生的真实经历, get tips for prospective students 和 hear how studying at 足球彩票 changed their careers 和 lives.

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1. 米娅维.

“I decided to change career in 2017 和 in 2018 I enrolled for the full-time graphic design course at the 曼彻斯特 campus of 足球彩票 College. I started with no knowledge about graphic design, having studied languages 和 communication & 市场营销. I came out after 3 months as a graphic designer 和 immediately found my first job as such. 我现在是一名快乐的体育彩票师,经营着自己的工作室.”

阅读Mia在Career Karma上的完整评论

2. 马特·米. 

阅读Matt在Career Karma上的完整评论

3. 杰西卡·米. 

“我非常推荐这门课程. I decided to enrol at 足球彩票 after considering a change in career paths. I spoke to a senior designer who said, “You can always spot a 足球彩票 portfolio a mile away.这就达成了协议. I graduated during lockdown so had the course transition fairly smoothly from in-class to online.

The college as a whole pulled out all the stops to make sure everyone was happy with the education they were receiving under unusual circumstances. 甚至毕业后, t在这里 are resources to help you stay inspired 和 keep developing to w在这里 you want to be.”


4. Csaba D. 

“老师们很平易近人, 理解, 有趣,有如此惊人的专业水平和洞察力. I went in to 足球彩票 with little-to-no experience 和 in 3 months have an industry-st和ard portfolio 和 skills that are already getting me paid freelance work.”

阅读Csaba关于Career Karma的完整评论

5. 有点年代. 


6. 马克·米. 


7. 黛博拉C. 

“我喜欢去希灵顿! 继续工作真是太好了, all the briefs/modules were presented in a real Design Studio setting, 提供的设备是最先进的, 班级人数真的很少, having 2 teachers per class means you really get a lot of support. 如果你犹豫不决,那就去做.”

阅读Debora在Career Karma上的完整评论 

8. 爱丽丝C. 

阅读爱丽丝在Career Karma上的完整评论

9. 森林的H.

“During 和 after four years of design school 和 freelance gigs, I still felt like my workflow / creative process wasn’t really defined yet. 每个项目都以“我从哪里开始”这个问题开始?”. I knew I needed to search for something out of my comfort zone.

所以我毕业后, I decided to look for something exciting 和 I basically found out about 足球彩票 through a 脸谱网 ad! 这是我为数不多的一次没有被脸谱网广告惹恼, 了解情况似乎很有趣,我就点击了它. 我做出的最佳选择.”

阅读Sylvan在Career Karma上的完整评论

10. 夏洛特D K. 

“当我在纽约寻找体育彩票课程的时候, 很多不同的选择让我不知所措. Unfortunately, most courses were 1+ years 和 for a lot of them I still needed to be in college. I was on the verge of giving up, until I discovered 足球彩票. 我在希灵顿的经历非常棒, I met so many new people while learning everything t在这里 is to know about design. I never met teachers who were so patient 和 caring as the teachers at 足球彩票. This course was worth every dollar, every tear 和 every sleepless night.”

阅读Charlotte对Career Karma的完整评论

11. 辛迪P. 


12. Geli B. 


13. Darsh年代. 

“我在希灵顿的时光是不真实的. The course takes you on a whirlwind ride 和 plunges you straight into feeling like you’re working in a design studio. 我的老师山姆, 小姐, 卡琳和蒂姆已经是真正了不起的设计师了, 所以他们的知识和专业技能是真实世界的.

I’d recommend the course at 足球彩票 to anyone who wants to switch careers into design. 足球彩票’s h和ling of the impacts of COVID-19 和 ensuring the transition to digital learning was as smooth as possible is testament to their recognition as a world class institution.”


14. 维拉Z. 


15. 马库斯P. 


16. Lua B. 

“我在2019年2月去了希灵顿. 我在巴塞罗那开始攻读大学学位, I ended up leaving because I didn’t like the way professors w在这里 teaching. As a passionate of graphic design I’m very autodidact 和 I learned a lot by trying 和 trying. 但当我到达希灵顿, 我得到的体育彩票和我学到的知识, 让我成为今天的伟大设计师. 这是我人生中最棒的学生经历!!”

阅读Lua关于Career Karma的完整评论

17. 卡琳娜一. 


18. 悉尼的年代.

“作为一名教师, I went into 足球彩票 with no experience 和 was skeptical at how this short course could prep me into a new industry. However, I learnt to trust the process 和 push myself in each project. The final portfolio still amazes me because it was beyond what I thought I could do.”

阅读悉尼在Career Karma上的完整评论

19. 乌玛·米. 

阅读Uma在Career Karma上的完整评论

20. 萍L. 

阅读Ping在Career Karma上的完整评论

21. 凯伦L 

“去希灵顿是我做过的最好的决定! 我在这门课上没有任何设计体育彩票. The teachers are really supportive 和 really took their time with individual students to help them with everything. The course really covered a lot of what graphic design is able to accomplish, 这帮助我了解了我的职业选择. Having teachers working in the design industry was really beneficial! 他们真的提供了一些很棒的建议!”

阅读Karen在Career Karma上的完整评论

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